Voting Rights, Assistance & Information

Tips for New Voters - New to voting? Don't worry—these four simple steps explain the process.

Where Do I Vote? -  Find out where you vote using the Polling Place Finder from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office.

Polling Place Accessibility - Federal and state laws require that all polling places be accessible and usable by elderly voters or voters with disabilities.

My Ballot - See the names of candidates and questions that will be on the ballot for your precinct. 

Get Help Voting - There are many ways to get help when you vote. You can bring someone to help, ask an election judge, use a machine to help you mark your ballot or even vote from your car.

Do I Need to Bring ID? - Whether you need to bring ID to the polls depends on if you need to register at the polling place or not

Voting rights under Guardianship

I'm Under Guardianship or Have an Impairment - As long as a judge did not restrict your right to vote through court order, you have the right to vote when:

  • you are under guardianship
  • you are under conservatorship
  • you gave someone power of attorney
  • you have a brain injury
  • you have a developmental disability
  • you have a cognitive impairment
  • you experience memory loss

No one else can make this decision on your behalf, including a spouse, children, attorneys, caregivers, doctors or nurses.

The Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities - Discusses the voting rights for people with disabilities, voting under guardianship, and who to contact if you have voting problems.