Sports & Fitness

Therapeutic Riding: Seeing Disability Through a Thousand Pound Mirror

Horses are often described as "thousand pound mirrors", capable of generating a reflection in which the riders are able to truly see themselves and develop a deeper understanding of who they are, Read more.

Yes You Can Learn Karate!

Ages 6-60+ can do Karate. There are huge benefits to learning this sport. And just like school, when the teaching is customized and adapted to meet a person’s needs, success happens. Read more.

Let’s Go Fishing!

Our Mission: The Stillwater Area Chapter of Let’s Go Fishing is committed to its mission of providing no cost fishing and boating excursions in the Stillwater/St. Croix Valley Area. We serve seniors (55+), persons with physical or developmental disabilities, all military members and the families of those deployed, veterans and intergenerational youth. Read more.

The Yoga Bridge -- An Integrated Approach for Special Learners

Our bodies are meant to function as a whole, integrated unit. Whatever we do in one area affects other areas. Can we improve thinking just by moving our bodies? Read more.

Epilepsy and Sports

With the increasing awareness of the physical and mental benefits of regular exercise, many hopeful athletes with epilepsy are wondering if they can play sports, including contact sports. Read more.

Exercising with a Disability

Have you ever thought about why exercise is important for you and your loved ones? Have you ever thought about exercise being even more important for your loved one with a disability? Read more.