Medical & Therapy

Many children with developmental disabilities have medical issues which require ongoing care throughout their lifetimes. Parents can face numerous challenges navigating the healthcare system, including choosing the best specialists and facilities, finding therapies that will help their child progress, and understanding the insurance process.


Therapies & Treatments

A compilation of both traditional and non-traditional treatments along with links for additional information.

Preparing for an Appointment

Information on finding specialists, scheduling appointments and compiling information to bring with you.

During the Appointment

Strategies to make office visits a little easier.

Hospitals and Insurance

A listing of pediatric hospitals in the Twin Cities, hospitals in Washington County as well as information on private and public insurance.

Dental, Mental Health, Prescriptions & Other Services & Products

Includes information on prescription medications, vision care, mental health resources and dental providers that have experience treating individuals with disabilities.

Transportation and Parking

Resources for transportation to medical appointments and how to obtain disability parking certificates and license plates.

Service Animal Organizations

There are several organizations that improve the lives of individuals with disabilities through the use of service dogs.

Helpful Resources

Organizations and websites that provide information on a variety of health care topics. Includes links for therapy and medical equipment resources.