Making Friends Having Fun!


Making Friends Having Fun! This is Valley Friendship Club's motto! FUN for all participants: children, teens, young adults, families and volunteers. Valley Friendship Club (VFC) is also about making connections -- connections with individuals and connections within the community.

Valley Friendship Club was founded by a group of Washington County parents who saw a need for fun social opportunities for their children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities, but also wanting to have an inclusive partnership with the community at large. The startup grant was written by the parents and received from The CCP Foundation.   VFC was launched in 2010.

Valley Friendship Club is not a day program or a training service.  Rather VFC  provides opportunities to have fun, rewarding experiences in a group environment that embraces innovation, independence and relationships. VFC helps children, teens and young adults with and without disabilities make friends, gain skills and be proud of who they are!

Valley Friendship Club has something for EVERYONE!!!

VFC holds three types of events/activities:

  • "GraderGang" events are for kids K-6th grade,
  • "TeenUp" events are for teens on up to young adult, and
  • "All Member" events are for all Valley Friendship members, family, friends and volunteers!

In the 2+ years Valley Friendship Club has been in existence, VFC has had over 800 attendees at their various events (125 in total since being launched) consisting of music, art, swimming, dances, parties, movies and game nights, treasure hunting, computer training on Facebook, pizza making and cookies, too! Just to name a few!


Valley Friendship Club creates opportunities for people with and without intellectual disabilities to build enduring friendships that enrich  the lives of all involved. VFC provides safe, accessible social opportunities that empower  club participants to strengthen important life skills and create greater social independence. VFC embraces individual abilities and talents. The Club strives to expand horizons through activities and events that appeal to children, teens and young adults using art, music, community services and much more!

Valley Friendship Club is committed to providing an environment that is safe, welcoming, respectful, caring and fun for all members, participants and volunteers. To ensure this commitment, VFC screens volunteers and pledges to respect differences, to be welcoming and accepting of diversity, and to promote inclusive practices and partnerships.

A VOLUNTEER calls VFC amazing:

"This program is an amazing way, not only for volunteers to become more involved in their community, but for kids to form social connections which would otherwise be very difficult.  Everyone I've met there has been friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic; and the kids who are a part of the club seem to have the time of their lives! ValleyFriendship Club provides a profoundly valuable experience for all."

A PARENT says VFC is a miracle:

"Valley Friendship Club is what I consider to be a miracle organization. It provides a place for my daughter to have social interactions with her peers so I don't have to provide entertainment for her - especially on weekends when teens and young adults are supposed to go out and party. Valley Friendship Club has been a huge help for me to redirect her to their activities instead of her sitting home lonely and disappointed. I am very grateful that Valley Friendship Club is in existence."

A Stillwater District SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER declares VFC an inspiration:

"The Valley Friendship Club has become an amazing resource for our children with special needs and their families. Families are given an opportunity to connect with each other, and children are given opportunities to socialize and develop long-lasting friendships in a positive and supportive environment. This club has been an inspiration to me as a special education teacher and I cannot speak enough to the advocacy this club provides our children with special needs in our community."

Volunteers are Needed!

If you are looking to have a fun and valuable volunteer experience, Valley Friendship Club is here for you. VFC can offer you the opportunity to gain experience and enhance your education and resume while having fun assisting children, teens, and young adults with developmental disabilities in fun social activities! We are looking for volunteers to join in the fun and help mentor club members. This is an opportunity to have fun, rewarding, and new experiences in an environment that embraces innovation, independence, and the freedom to "just be individuals".

Please check our website for details on how to join in the fun, volunteer, or donate goods and services!  VFC is volunteer run, non-profit organization. We are looking to a bright future of even more fun!

For more information or to contact VFC:

Phone: 651-491-6486