Let's Go Fishing:
A Place Where Magic Happens!

by Rick Fields, Let's Go Fishing Board Member

Our Mission

The Stillwater Area Chapter of Let's Go Fishing is committed to its mission of providing no cost fishing and boating excursions in the Stillwater/St. Croix Valley Area.  We serve seniors (55+), persons with physical or developmental disabilities, all military members and the families of those deployed, veterans and intergenerational youth.

How can magic happen in a pontoon on the river? We can prove it. On every single excursion or fishing trip, we hear stories from our guests about how spending 90 minutes on the beautiful St. Croix River with friends changes one's whole outlook, even if for a short while. Now how can you count that any less than magic?!

Those three words, "Let's Go Fishing,"  have put loads of smiles on guests who have joined us on the beautiful St. Croix River the past three seasons. We offer free excursions or fishing trips to seniors (55+), persons with physical or developmental disabilities, Veterans, All Military Members & Families of deployed, and intergenerational youth; that's our mission! We've discovered that when one gets into our handicapped accessible pontoon and goes out on the river, many of the cares and concerns one may have when on land seem to melt away with the singing of the birds, the quiet rocking of the boat in the water, the camaraderie among our crew and guests, and the fresh, cool air we find on the beautiful St. Croix! Our free trips usually last between 90 minutes and two hours.

Joe Holm of Willmar, MN founded Let's Go Fishing in 2002. His mission was to provide free fishing and boating excursions to individuals age 55 and over. Bruce Halvorson and Roger Pearson from Stillwater, were key people who helped launch the new Stillwater Area Chapter. Other area chapters included Hastings, White Bear Lake, Eden Prairie and Chaska. To date, our chapters across the state have served over 80,000 guests and it's our collective goal to hit 100,000 guests served by the end of this season.

Our chapter, one of 31 chapters spread across the state of Minnesota, is in its third full year of operation. Over 1500 seniors, veterans, military and persons with disabilities joined us on the river just last year! Our dedicated volunteer board, captains and crew have received very positive feedback from our many guests.

Speaking of our season, if Mother Nature cooperates, we hope our first guests will be going out on May 20th and we typically schedule trips to October 12th, six days a week. Reservations are already beginning to flow in, so check us out early this season and get a trip scheduled. You may come alone, with a friend or an entire group! So what is the best and quickest way to find out more about us? Many of our guests first check us out online at Stillwater Let's Go Fishing. From this website, you can easily see our schedule and make your reservation. You may also call us at 651-707-5181 or email us at info@letsgofishingstillwater.com to ask questions or to sign up for a trip. On our website, we also have many helpful tools, like a map to show you how to find our pontoon at the Bayport Marina, etc.

A committed and talented volunteer team supported by gracious donors are continuing to make magic happen for our guests on every outing...

This chapter is proud of its multi-talented Board and crew of nearly 35 area volunteers. We are very grateful for the support we receive from local businesses and individuals. Particularly Bayport Marina, who provided a boat slip in their safe harbor, and to the restaurant, "Not Just a Café," in Bayport for free ice, and High Five Archery, in Stillwater, who provides free bait. We wish to offer a special thanks to The CCP Foundation for being our cornerstone donor that built a strong foundation to build our chapter on.

Our chapter of Let's Go Fishing relies totally on the work of volunteers and the gracious donations from guests, area businesses and citizens. Since our inception three years ago, we've been working very hard to pay down our debt load on our pontoon boat and our annual operating expenses. Donations may easily be made online, onboard, or by calling/emailing us. Anyone interested in making a donation may call (651-707-5181) our main line or email us (info@letsgofiishingstillwater.com). Local sponsorship and the financial donations from individuals has been our lifeline to help us continue to serve you. We thank Central Bank of Stillwater, First State Bank and Trust of Bayport, Kollitz & Wilgren, Ltd; Andersen Windows, JG Hause Const. Inc; Andrew Slater Memorial Fund, Karin Housley Homes, Stillwater Loins Club, Bob & Lynnette Bailey, Eckberg Lammers, Attorneys at Law of Stillwater, Abrahamson Nursery, Pony Preschool, Stillwater Motors, Beach House Marina of Bayport, Water Street Inn, Stillwater Walmart Store, The Hubbard Foundation, 3M, RBC Investments and the St. Croix Boat and Packet Company, and the Stillwater Elks Lodge #179, for their past and ongoing support of our chapter.

So now you know more about our chapter: why we exist, where we are located, how you can find out more information on our website and how you can get a trip scheduled. Don't be surprised if when we meet you, you see a smile on our crew- member's faces, because it's just too hard for our crew not to smile when we see you smiling!

For more information on Let's Go Fishing, visit their website Let's Go Fishing, call them at 651-707-5181, or email them info@letsgofishingstillwater.com.