Public policy issues and resulting legislation can have a direct impact on the quality of life for people with disabilities. It’s important to be an informed and involved citizen, actively communicating with representatives, and supporting advocacy groups working on behalf of individuals with special needs.

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Learn about current issues and legislation that affects individuals with disabilities on local, state and federal levels.

Getting Involved

Find out who represents you at the local and national levels, learn how to stay informed on what is going on at the Minnesota State Capitol, and get tips on how to communicate effectively with your representatives.

The Basics

Information on the differences between types of legislation, how a bill becomes a law, a glossary of common terminology.

For Kids, Students and Teachers

Interactive websites designed for children and teachers.


Local, state and national resources on public policy information and current legislation affecting individuals with disabilities.



Voting Rights, Assistance & Information

Tips for New Voters - New to voting? Don't worry—these four simple steps explain the process.