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Legislators and Congressional members

The policies and laws that Minnesota’s legislators and congressional members enact have a direct impact on funding for education and other programs that affect the quality of life for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. You can find out what legislators and congressional members represent your District here.

Washington County Commissioners

There are five Washington County Commissioners who represent different districts within the county. They make spending decisions for an annual operating budget of nearly $150 million. Property taxes, fees for services, state and federal funds pay for programs that are funded by the county. Property taxes alone make up almost 50% of the annual budget.

Property taxes and other county funds pay for state mandated Day Training & Habilitation (DT&H) services or alternative day and employment programs for adults with disabilities who do not receive funding through waivered supports. In addition, the county provides subsidies for programs like Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS) and respite services.

Washington County plays a critical role in enhancing the services available to persons with developmental disabilities through county property tax dollars. In recent years, counties across Minnesota have become more reliant on these property tax dollars to fund basic services as the state has cut Local Government Aid (LGA) to cities and counties across the state. Additionally, the state has cut funding to the Children and Community Services Act (CSSA) block grant to counties that fund important services, including those for persons with disabilities. As a result, counties have become more reliant on property tax dollars for basic services and many county-funded services, including DT&H and employment supports, are threatened.

The Washington County Commissioners begin developing a budget in the fall of each year and approve an annual budget in the early part of December. In addition, the Commissioners approve major policy changes for the county programs, including those affecting persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

A list of Washington County Commissioners can be found here.

Staying informed

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