Entering Adulthood

When a child with a developmental disability turns 18, several changes will occur.  Parents/guardians need to be aware of their obligations as well as the opportunities available for their child as he/she becomes an adult.




Summary of Changes at Age 18

A summary of the legal changes that will occur when a person with a developmental disability becomes an adult.

Conservatorship & Guardianship

If you have concerns about your adult child's judgment or decision-making skills, you should consider conservatorship and guardianship.

Disability Parking & Driving

Information on disability parking rules and driving resources for persons with disabilities.

Employment, Training & Learning

Resources to help with the process of finding meaningful employment and learning life skills.


There is a variety of housing options for individuals with disabilities that accommodate different levels of functioning and needed support.

Post-Secondary Education

If your child is thinking about attending a post-secondary school, it is important to plan ahead and be aware of what accommodations and resources are available.

Dating, Relationships & Sexuality

Includes resources on dating and sexuality.


Transportation resources for medical appointments and other needs.


Information on voting rights and accommodations for persons with disabilities.