Education Articles

Hamline’s Bullying Prevention Certificate

Hamline University’s Bullying Prevention Certificate is an online multicourse program designed to provide adults with the knowledge, skills, and resources for creating safe learning environments for children. By participating in this program, students will have the opportunity to learn about bullying prevention through a series of cutting-edge courses developed by program coordinator and Nationally Certified Bullying Prevention Specialist, Cheryl Green. Read more.

SEAC: Building Bridges to Better Education for Children with Disabilities

A Special Education Advisory Council, or SEAC, is a group of individuals devoted to bettering the education of students with disabilities by serving as an advisory body to their local district on matters of special education. The purpose of a SEAC is not to decide policy, but rather to support the district’s special education program and the students involved by sharing their experiences, providing the district with feedback on existing services, and offering advice on how to more effectively meet their needs in the future. Read more.

Kids Learn Best When They Want To Learn

When students can't see the point of learning – they almost certainly won't. Motivation is therefore very important for effective learning. If we can create an environment in which students want to learn, then we have done the hard part: the learning will flow quite naturally. Read more.

Tips for Starting the New School Year

Learn ways to prepare your child and school staff, ideas on establishing routines, ways to organize paperwork, and how to get involved. Read more.


What does the word Transition mean in the world of special education? Read more.

Summary of Secondary Transition Services for Special Education Students in Washington County Schools

In late 2012, a questionnaire containing 8 questions about the content of Transition Programs was sent to each of the 10 school districts in Washington County. Read more.

Transition Planning -- It Takes a Village

There are two major turning points in the lives of school-aged children with disabilities and their families. The first one is when they enter the special education system. The second is when they leave it. Read more.

Speech and Language Therapy in a School Setting

Teachers and parents share many concerns about children at school. My child has difficulty following directions. John can’t seem to clearly explain his ideas. Most people have trouble understanding Lydia’s speech. Charles stutters. Angela doesn’t know how to communicate in social situations and misinterprets social cues. Grace struggles with vocabulary. Jacob doesn’t understand abstract language including jokes. Alex’s grammar is poor. Read more.