During the Appointment

Another strategy is to call ahead to see if your doctor is seeing patients on time and asking to alter your time if the wait will be lengthy. Many offices are very accommodating if you explain your child has special needs and cannot tolerate long waits.

  • Ask if you can be “roomed” early if your child becomes overstimulated in a busy waiting room. Bring along a favorite toy, headphones with music or a portable DVD player to help pass the time and keep your child (and you!) calm.
  • If your child has frequent appointments, it may seem unnecessary to take their height, weight and head size (for younger children) and other vitals at every visit. However,  information on how your child is growing could be  valuable for future diagnosis or treatment.
  • If tests are suggested, discuss with your doctor the benefits and risks of each test/procedure and how the information gained would affect treatment.  If blood draws are difficult, make sure the doctor orders all necessary tests at the same time to avoid repeated draws.

EMLA Cream is a topical anesthetic that can be applied to the skin prior to a blood draw, temporarily numbing the site to make blood draws less painful.