Disability Parking

According to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, disability parking is not a special privilege, but a necessity.  These spaces are needed to give people with mobility limitation the same opportunity to use public or private facilities as people who do not have disabilities.  Disability parking spaces also provide extra space for people in wheelchairs when getting in and out of a vehicle.

Disability Parking Certificates

Disability Parking Fact Sheet – Minnesota State Council on Disability 

This fact sheet explains the application process and issuance information to obtain a disability parking certificate. 

Application form

A copy of the Application for Disability Parking Certificate, from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

    Because it can obstruct your view, is against the law the drive with the disability parking certificate hanging from your rear view mirror.

    Disability Parking License Plates

    License Plates - Disability Plates

    Information on applying for disability license plates, from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

    Application Form

    A copy of the Application for Special Plates, from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.


    Some individuals with disabilities will be able to learn to drive, but may need some additional assistance in learning how.  Here are some resources to help in the process:

    Drivers Assessment and Training Services – Courage Kenny

    Two-part comprehensive driver assessment consists of clinical and in-vehicle assessments.

    Easy-to-Read Driver's Manual

    The Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association (MDTSEA) publishes an Easy-to-Read Driver's Manual which can be very helpful for students with reading disabilities and any other students who may need the extra help.  The book has larger print, a glossary of terms, colored signs and T/F questions throughout. 

    Helping the Learning Disabled Adolescent Learn to Drive

    The Learning Disability Association of America gives tips on how to tell if your child is ready to learn to drive and also has information on how to get the best help to help teach them the skills they will need to drive.