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ConnectWC and this website is made possible through funding from The CCP Foundation.


A community for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities

Thinking big, growing relationships, being bold about belonging, looking at the world through the eyes of others, nurturing everyday leaders, and creating connections – all activities and values of ConnectWC.

Parents, guardians, caregivers, self-advocates, business owners, entrepreneurs, artists and community members have formed a network to develop an inclusive community for people living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The creation of the ConnectWC website is part of this mission.

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Community Calendar 

ConnectWC, Connect, Relax, Renew
Join other parents and enjoy an evening of relaxing, connecting and renewing.
September 30th, 7pm - 9pm at Tin Bins, Stillwater

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Learn about volunteer and job opportunities for community members and individuals with disabilities.

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Images of Happy Children with Developmental DisabilitiesResources for
children and adults with intellectual and
developmental disabilities,

their families, and the
community that supports them.

ConnectWC (Washington County) is a place for
self-advocates, families, friends and community members. 

The ConnectWC website is an initiative of ConnectWC.

Problems with Pollen -- Reactions to pollen can impact learning and behavior

Kelly Dorfman, MS, LDN

Bursting tree buds are a happy harbinger of spring. But budding brings pollen and when pollen is plentiful, problems with attention, behavior and mood are sure to follow for susceptible children. Read more.

Tips for Starting the New School Year

resources compiled by ConnectWC

Learn ways to prepare your child and school staff, ideas on establishing routines, ways to organize paperwork, and how to get involved. Read more.

Learn, Connect and Share with other families
in Washington County, Minnesota

Out Door fun

ConnectWC,  is a one-stop website for any and all information regarding intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Washington County area — and a place for parents, caregivers and others that support them to learn, connect and share.


  • LEARN about Special Education and the IEP Process as well as available Government & Financial Programs. Discover Advocacy Groups that can offer general information on disability topics as well as information on specific conditions and situations. Get informed and involved in the Legislative process. Prepare older children as they Enter Adulthood, and find Social and Community and Sporting Activities designed for individuals with disabilities.

  • CONNECT with other self advocates, parents and caregivers to offer support, guidance and information.

  • SHARE your knowledge and expertise with others, and help other families walking a similar path.

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